Saturday, June 7, 2014

Toe Nail Designs

Painting and creating designs isn't just limited to your fingernails, you can also brighten up your toenails too! Now that summer is here and the sandals are coming out of your closet, it's the perfect time to show off how cute your feet can be with a little bit of nail art. In fact, many people can actually prefer to make toe nail designs instead of just normal nail designs, as the bigger surface area gives more room to work with, as well as not requiring the fine detail that a small fingernail does (although you're more than welcome to keep making those extremely detailed works of art). Others though, do not like how you have to hunch your back in order to reach your toes to paint them, and the awkward angles that doing so can sometimes bring. Feel free to try painting your toenails a few times before doing any designs to see whether you like it or not. Keep in mind that a toe foam separator can be a huge help when painting too.

With that in mind, let's take a look at some really cute toe nail designs so you can hit the beach and impress everyone around!

This design uses a great color and adds to it with some simple polka dots and then a really cute drawn on bow. Big toes are the ideal place to put any bigger art, and these toenails show how adorable they can be. Alternating pattens on every other nail is also a pretty great technique you can adopt, as it will really make your design stand out.

The person who painted these nails had the really great idea to make her big toe different from the rest of her toenails. It came out really great with her! The little hearts are really cute and really pop because of the striped background she used. Awesome!

Are you a big fan of Disney? The artist behind this certainly was! These adorable nails feature fan favorite Disney characters Mickey and Minnie Mouse, looking just as good as ever! The simple polka dot pattern used on the smaller toenails accentuates them on the painted faces. You can try doing this with your very own pictures!

This person made some of the most beautiful nail art I’ve seen, and then painted both her French tipped fingers and toes with it! The colors of this one are gorgeous and the edges of the flowers combined with the detail make these nails just breathtaking to look at. Adding that little bit of glitter in the details is fantastic as well. Nail art doesn’t get much better than this! It may be a lot of practice before you are able to get this good, but just remember that you can have matching toes and fingers to draw that extra attention from your friends!

Don’t be scared to show off your feet this summer! With some amazing toe nail designs, your feet will look great on the beach! Have fun and enjoy!

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