Friday, June 6, 2014

French Tip Nail Designs

French Tips are one of the most popular choices for women's nails. For those of you who do not know what a french tip is, a "frenchie" is typically a type of manicure where only the tip is colored in, typically white, and everything below is left it's natural skin tone, or painted with a light skin tone polish. The result is an elegant looking fingernail that really stands out, while not being overly exaggerated.

Nowadays, people have taken the popular form and started creating nail designs on them, making them even cuter than before. And some of the art that people have come up with is truly great! Check out some of these examples:

I love how this person dressed up quite simple black and white tips with flowers, and even some polka dots! It really goes to show you how just a few simple little flowers can really make a world of difference compared to a regular manicure.

This person use a glitter polish for her nails, and then painted over them with black streaks, giving them a zebra print look. This look also shows how having a single completely polished nail while the rest are French tipped can spruce up your fingers, almost like an accent wall can liven up a room in your house. Experimenting with different colors on the tips can also be a great idea.

This design is very simplistic, but I really love how the curve adds to the composition. Remember that you don’t have to get so fancy in order to get amazing looking nails!

Hello Kitty is adorable, so why not throw her face right on your digits? A couple of lines, some dots and a bow and you’re set! In a few minutes you’ll be drawing an aww from everyone around! Of course you could turn them into other characters faces. Rilakkuma, Pusheen, you name it! Just let your imagination run wild!

The colors of this design are great, as the different shades of blue really contrast against the color of skin. The swirls give it a look like waves in water. Maybe you could draw your own ripples? Draw a boat on one, and you’ve got your own ocean scene!

Check out this art which uses two different colors in the Frenchie. You can try out different combinations of your favorite colors on your nails to see how they go together. She also used a simple accent nail with a couple of rhinestones in there to add a great little flair to her hand!

This person really got in the holiday spirit with this neat Christmas theme art. The details look really great, and the use of glitter add a lot to the scene. It feels like the holidays already! You could try out fireworks for the 4th of July, bunnies for Easter, or whatever reminds you of the holiday you’re celebrating!

Hopefully, these French tip nail designs will give you an idea or two to use for yourself! Remember to have fun and make some great art! Good luck!

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