Monday, June 9, 2014

Pink Nail Designs

Every girl loves pink! I know I for one do, I love all the different varieties of pink and I especially love how it can compliment any outfit. I know I for one will wear pink quite often for the ability of it to match nearly everything, so why not match it to your nails? Nail art can be extremely easy as most of us know and having pink nails that can match nearly everything makes the nail art even more worth it. Pink is a beautiful and super feminine color that can match anything. Pink nail art doesn't have to be extravagant and can easily be worn in the office, during daytime or even during trendy night out sessions with yourself and other people! Pink nail art and polish is extremely versatile as I'm going to show you. 

The design above is very simple to do and the pink color the nails can compliment an office outfit very easily. The dots make beautiful nail art while being very conservative and the blend with the pink is very soft and feminine. This pink nail art design is very easy to achieve with the end of a bobby pin dipped into white polish. This manicure is perfect for any time!

Wow what a beautiful pink! The above design is a bit more bold of a pink nail art design. It has an nail art accent nail that has leopard print over white can easily be done with a bobby pin as well! Just place dots according to strategy and place a complimentary leopard print dot on the inside! This pink nail design can be worn at anytime, though I wouldn't recommend it for daytime at the office, it's a bit too bold for that! 

"Je t'aime" anyone? This beautiful pink nail art design really channel a Paris feel with the effiel tower and some lovely lace! This design is a bit more complex and can be achieved with a paint brush if you're careful. It's beautiful and simple despite looking complex and can be easily achieved with a brush made for nail art and dotting tools. 

Holy moly what a beautiful pink nail design! Pink zebra print is absolutely gorgeous and so easy to pull off! While this pink nail art isn't ideal for everyday wear it's most definitely wearable for a day or two for a special event or a time to go out and really make a bold statement. This nail design proves that pink doesn't have to be boring or overly girly to look fantastic. I'd personally wear this on a night out. 

I'm sure a lot of you ladies are fans of houndstooth print, but what about on nails? I think this beautiful pink nail art design with stamped on houndstooh is a wearable design for every day including the office as houndstooh is seen as a classic design. I think that this pink nail design takes the cake for me, it's totally my favorite as it's absolutely simple and beautiful!

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