Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Opi Nail Polish

I've been talking a lot about different nail polish trends but I haven't been talking much about specific nail polish brands. One of the best known higher end, professional nail polish brands is OPI. OPI is easily one of my favorite brands when it comes to a brand that has a large variety of core colors and a stable quality. With OPI I know what to except! A smooth formula with a wide brush that can easily cover my nails in two strokes. It's not hard to see why OPI has become such a popular brand, especially not when we look at their renowned colors and color reviews. I'm going to talk about my top five favorite OPI colors, some were limited edition colors and others are permanent. I will let you know which ones are limited edition and which are permanent line. 

OPI "bubble bath" *Permanent*

OPI "bubble bath" is the perfect sheer pink. This was one of the first OPIS I ever bought and it is easily my first favorite. I know it seems like a simple color that is easily doable in other brands, but trust me when I say it's not. "Bubble bath" is the most perfect pink jelly ever created and is perfect for not only french manicures but for jelly sandwiches.

OPI "Blue Moon Lagoon" *Limited Edition and hard to find *
OPI "blue moon lagoon" is one of the only holographic nail polishes that OPI has ever released. Judging by the swatches it's not hard to see why this is not only a hard to find nail polish but a really wanted and expensive one as well. I luckily managed to snag up one before the price on them got extremely ridiculous, but I only ever use it for special occasions. 

OPI "Jade is the new black" *Permanent*

OPI "Jade is the new black" is easily one of the prettiest polishes ever released. Not only does it look fabulous in the bottle but it looks identical on the nail. While it's not a limited edition it does sell out quickly because it's pure beauty. If you see it I really recommend you pick it up as it's absolutely beautiful. 

OPI "Mad as a hatter" *Limited edition, easy to find but expensive*

OPI "Mad as a hatter" is easily the best glitter topper OPI has ever come out with. It's a perfect balance of multiple colors of glitter. It's not hard to tell why this polish is so expensive and why most people want it. 

OPI "Lincoln Park After Dark" *Permanent line*

OPI "Lincoln Park After Dark" is the most "sophisticated" polish on this list. It's a staple in my polish wardrobe because it goes well with every outfit, be it girly or more edgy. This polish has been around for over a decade and with good reason, it's absolutely beautiful and classic. 

Those are my top five OPI polishes, I know that there are hundreds by OPI that are beautiful but those are my top picks. Read more about nail polishes at Nail Designs

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